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  • BFM Podcast: A New Social Media Law

    Your browser does not support native audio, but you can download this MP3 to listen on your device. The government is thinking of having new legislation to curb social media misuse. We discuss what such laws could encompass. Produced by: Tasha FusilPresented by: Lee Chwi Lynn, Kelvin Yee

  • BFM Podcast: Intellectual Property Rights and Social Media

    Foong Cheng Leong, a lawyer tells of the intellectual property laws governing social media and what businesses ought to look out for and not infringe. If a business outsources the management of its social media activities, who is responsible for infringements?   Your browser does not support native audio, but you can download this MP3 […]

  • Engage with social media, businesses advised

    I was quoted in The Star on 27 September 2012 over my presentation on “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: Social media add a new dimension to online advertising, marketing and brand integrity”. Engage with social media, businesses advised KUALA LUMPUR: Businesses must engage with the social media to remain relevant, a conference […]

  • BFM Podcast: The Legal Implications of Social Media: Defamation and Libel

    Foong Cheng Leong, Senior Associate, Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill discusses the legal aspects of social media, focusing in particular on online defamation, admissibility of online data in courts, cybersquatting, domain disputes, and whether there should there be regulation of the Internet and social media, whether directly or indirectly. He also discusses the fine line […]

  • Life Online Show 16: Naughty things

    Podcast interview at the Life Online Show podcast on 2 February 2011. The following topics were discussed with host John Lim, David Wang from theclickstarter.com, David Lian from Text100, journalist Niki Cheong: 1) Groupon coming into Malaysia by acquiring GroupsMore.com 2) Google establishing a bigger foothold in Malaysia with an office in KLCC. 3) The […]

  • Blog postings can backfire

    First published on The Star Newspaper on 20 January 2011. PUTIK LADA By FOONG CHENG LEONG Social media influence has hit court proceedings, with lawyers trolling blogs and Wikipedia in search of material that can help them argue the case for their clients. LAST year brought further interesting development to social media and laws all […]

  • Internet Service Provider Liability Act: Do we need one?

    An analysis of the potential repercussions of the proposed Internet Service Provider Liability Act. Recently, The Star reported that the Malaysian Parliament will be tabling the ISP Liability Act (”Act”). According to The Star, the Act makes internet service providers (ISPs) responsible for curbing online piracy. The ISP will be fined if they don’t take […]

  • Stemlife Berhad v Bristol-Myers Squibb (M) Sdn Bhd & Arachnid Sdn Bhd

    First published on 10 August 2009 CIVIL SUIT NO S6-23-95-2008 (HC) Arachnid Sdn Bhd (“Arachnid”) provides web development and related services. In 2003, Bristol-Myers Squibb (M) Sdn Bhd (“Bristol-Myers”) engaged Arachnid to set up a website, www.meadjohnsonasia.com (“the website”). Arachnid thereafter also provided maintenance services for the website. The website hosts a forum known as […]

  • Tweet at your own risk

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 21 January 2010 The explosion in Internet-based social networking – fuelled by ease of DIY publishing – is throwing up new challenges, business and legal, to the online community. THE year 2009 marked an important year for social media networking. It brought change to politics, society and business. Many […]

  • Tweet below the law

    Featured in The Star Newspaper on 8 August 2010 Sunday August 8, 2010 Tweet below the law By JOSEPH LOH sunday@thestar.com.my Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed people to easily let others know what is on their minds. But users should be careful with what they post because the laws of […]