This personal blawg contains articles relating to intellectual property, information technology, social media, data privacy and the likes.

Cheng Leong is an Advocate and Solicitor at Messrs Foong Cheng Leong & Co.

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  1. LIM Soon Heng Avatar

    Hi, I’ve sent you an email (to the email address listed on your blog-site) with a proposal for an interview on the topic of the intersection of social media and intellectual property.

    Hear from you shortly.


    1. FCL Avatar

      Hi Soon Heng, I’ve replied to your email.

  2. Timothy Cheang Avatar
    Timothy Cheang

    Hi, we aware that you are conducting PDPA out there, hence we wonder if you can provide the service for our company? We are actually looking for a SME and legal practitioner to conduct PDPA 2010 workshop in April-2013.

    Please reply.

    1. FCL Avatar

      Hi Timothy, your colleagues from Legal and HR contacted me to conduct a PDPA seminar. I’ve submitted a proposal to your company last week.

  3. Farhan Zafry Avatar
    Farhan Zafry

    Hello Mr Leong,

    My name is Farhan Zafry, a third-year law student from one of Malaysian public University. Me and my mates are conducting a research on privacy, specifically on territorial and bodily privacy. We have been citing your works ( which include your writing and oral interview ) quite a numerous times and since previous semester. We were wondering if we can meet you up personally to discuss on certain area of the law which has not been thoroughly discussed before us.
    The supervisor for our paper is Associate Professor Siti Hajar Mohd Yassin, the wife of UM Law Faculty’s Dean, of which the two of them are actively involved in the discussion of Data Privacy.
    It is our sincere hope that you could contribute your expertise and views regarding the protection of Privacy law on Individual’s right.
    Hope to receive your feedback soon.

    Farhan Zafry

    1. FCL Avatar

      Farhan: I have replied to your email.

  4. selvi N Avatar
    selvi N

    Hi Foong
    May need to cath up with you on participating in an upcoming industry forum. pls mail me if you are keen, thanks

    1. FCL Avatar

      Hi Selvi, I’ve sent you an email.

  5. Joan Loh Avatar
    Joan Loh

    Hi, even with PDPA in force, there is still brazen and blatant use of individuals information like telephone and email address by companies to solicit for business, particularly banks and insurance companies.

    I have one serious complaint on this violation to the privacy of my personal information. How can an individual file a complaint on these companies? Which regulatory body should be under this PDPA jurisdiction?

    1. FCL Avatar

      Joan: You may file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commissioner (www.pdp.gov.my). You may download the complaint form at http://www.pdp.gov.my/images/pdf_folder/pdf_borang_aduan_finall_2014.pdf

  6. Shereen Avatar

    Dear Foong
    can you confirm when the Malaysian Bar made their response to the PDPA public? I notice it is dated April but did not appear on your site until September.

    1. FCL Avatar

      Shereen: We made a few responses to the PDP Department and they are available at http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=547. There are a few letters in the first file on the list.

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