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    India wants to monitor, intercept and track WhatsApp messages in a bid to curb the spread of misinformation. As you can imagine, this has caused quite the furore but you might be interested to know that some good could also come from the move. Produced by: Sumitra Selvaraj Presented by: Tee Shiao Eek, Sumitra Selvaraj, […]

  • Bread & Kaya: 2018 Malaysia Cyber-Law And IT Cases – Cyber-Defamation

    By Foong Cheng Leong April 26, 2019 In cyber-defamation cases, the High Court has granted damages between RM50K to RM100K Court assumes that you have published something if it originates from your email, Facebook, etc IN THIS second, of a four-part series, I will talk about the rise of cyber-defamation. The number of cyber-related tort cases filed […]

  • When social media rants can land you in court

    I was featured in The Star Newspaper’s article entitled “When social media rants can land you in court” on 5 January 2018 on the issue of reviewing a business online. I said the following:- Meanwhile, Bar Council cyberlaw and information technology committee co-chairman Foong Cheng Leong told The Star that a person was free to […]

  • Online Defamation: The need for proper evidence

    Nagandran Kalianna Gaundar (berniaga dibawah RAJU RESTOREN) v.Melinda Alison Monteiro & Ors GUAMAN NO: S4-23-42-2003 In this case, the Plaintiff sued the Defendants for an email containing defamatory statements allegedly sent out by the 1st Defendant and published to third parties. It was disputed that the e mail was sent out by 1st Defendant and […]