Seminar for awareness of personal data protection 2012

The Personal Data Protection Department of Malaysia (PDPD) (Jabatan Perlindungan Data Peribadi Malaysia) held the above event on 9 February 2012 at Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

In this seminar, Tuan Haji Abu Hassan Ismail, the Director General of the PDPD announced that the enforcement date of the Personal Data Protection 2010 (PDPA) will be announced in due course as the PDPD is at the midst of setting up. He has also added that there will be no guidelines issued at the time being.

[Postscript: Bernama reports that the PDPA will be in force in June 2012. This may not be correct in view of Director General’s statement]


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  1. Chin Yin Cheow Avatar
    Chin Yin Cheow

    I am the data security officer of Bosch and is responsible for ensuring data awareness among everyone in the organization.
    Do you know if there is another seminar on personal data protection topic within these few months ?
    Or is there any direct contact I can get concerning this topic ?

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