On 1 July 2015, the Personal Data Protection Commissioner published the Public Consultation Paper No. 1/2015. This consultation paper is intended to solicit feedback from the data users and data subjects relating to their understanding of the personal data protection.

In order to make the Standard for Personal Data Protection a reliable reference document, the Commissioner will merged three standards namely the Safety Standard, Storage Standard and Data Integrity Standard into one document.
According to the Commissioner, this step is in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Regulations 2013 and the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. The feedback received through this public consultation paper will be analyzed and the results of this analysis will be used in the preparation of the final draft standard. The final draft will be presented to the 11 classes of data users before being registered by the Commissioner.

The feedback can be downloaded here (in Malay) and here (in English)



2 responses to “Public Consultation Paper No. 1/2015: PROPOSED STANDARD PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION  ”

  1. francis Avatar

    Dear Mr Foong

    I understand that Personal Data Protection Standard 2015 has been published. I assume that this is an outcome of the public consultation. If so, do you have an English version of the Standard? I was not able to find it of the official PDPA website.

    1. FCL Avatar

      Hi Francis,

      The English version has not been released by the PDPD. According to their website, the English version will be published a month after the date of publication of the Standards i.e. 23 December 2015.

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