Malaysia’s legal scene gets up to speed with nifty innovations

I am pleased to announce that the FCL&Co Case Law Search App was recently featured in the Malay Mail on 7 March 2016.. An excerpt from the article is as follow:-

Lawyer Foong Cheng Leong is currently developing an app called FCL&Co Case Law Search that aims to provide a database of court judgments that is free to use and has more efficient search functions compared to court websites.

According to Foong, his team of four has already hit 3,000 rulings, with 1,500 judgments uploaded every month since they started last December. The app will likely go live once they have 10,000 verdicts, he said.

The lawyer said court judgments are available on providers like CLJ and LexisNexis that have powerful search engines, but they charge at least RM1,500 a year. The court websites, on the other hand, publish rulings that are free to access, but there is no centralised database as each state has its own website of verdicts.

The search function on court websites for judgments is also based on case name and suit number.

“If I want to use cases to argue my cases, I need to search the content, for example, defamation cases relating to Facebook in Malaysia,” Foong told Malay Mail Online. “So what I can do is type ‘defamation Facebook’, then I can get the results.”

He also said the general public can use the FCL&Co Case Law Search app to find out if someone is involved in a lawsuit, which would be helpful to those doing background checks on a potential business partner.





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