LegalTech Forum 2012 – Giving Your Practice a 21st Century Byte

I will be speaking on “Social Media Marketing for Lawyers” at this event on 15 June 2012. Basically, it will be on:-

  • What can your legal practice generate from social media?
  • How to leverage social media for your legal practice?
  • Case Study: What has Malaysian lawyers benefited from social media.

Details of this event are as follow:-


  • Strategic issues on Legal Technology designed specially for Lawyers, In-House Counsels, and Partners
  • Focused conference on Legal Technology which covers the domains of: Awareness, Cloud Computing, e-litigation and Tools
  • An excellent networking platform to exchange ideas and gain knowledge on legal technology
  • Discover how technology can help your firm increase its mobility and flexibility
  • Gather new perspective from your comrades in adapting new technology
  • Explore the significance of e-Discovery and its impact in the courtroom
  • Distinguish the opportunities and threats in moving towards e-Litigation

Event Overview

There are two things that are on most legal practitioners thoughts – 1) making the day to day work easier; and 2) how to increase the billable hours. The advent of technology is changing how law is practiced and is influencing the delivery of legal services. Law firms for instance, are no longer just a centre of legal expertise, they are legal establishments where commercial proficiency, technology and business processes are now as vital as the expertise that makes a great lawyer or legal service provider.

This is the time to take the bull by its horn! LegalTech Forum 2012 is a 2 day conference on the use of technology in legal processes and proceedings. This conference will be an excellent arena to network with other legal practitioners and solution providers, as well as to learn and benchmark from top players in the legal profession.

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