Author: FCL

  • MCMC can block Telegram access under its Act, says lawyer

    I was asked by The Vibes to comment about the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s power to block access to Telegram over Telegram’s alleged conduct of being “uncooperative” with the Ministry of Communications and Digital. The Ministry claims that it had been trying to engage with Telegram since January 2023, following several complaints of pornography […]

  • After newest data leak, lawyers say time for Putrajaya to give up PDPA immunity

    I was asked by The Malay Mail to comment on the data breaches at Government agencies and what we should do regarding these breaches especially when the Federal and State Governments are exempted from the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA“). I said- Another lawyer, Foong Cheng Leong, pointed out that those responsible for previous […]

  • Upcoming Event: Franchise Law in Malaysia

    To register, please click on this link.

  • Bread & Kaya: 2021 Cyberlaw cases in the recovery period

    By Foong Cheng Leong – Large increase of 40.6% in civil cyber cases between 2020 and 2021– Applying correct reasonable man test based on current development of society– Once a person clicks on a button agreeing to terms, such terms are binding– In a tiff over live streaming and streamers being poached by competitors– Leading […]

  • Curb data leaks with heavier penalties

    I was asked by The Star to comment on the leak of personal data of over 802,259 Malaysians allegedly siphoned from the MySPR Daftar website. The data is being sold on an online forum for US$2,000 (RM9,240), to be paid in bitcoin or monero cryptocurrency. The seller claimed that the Election Commission database includes selfies […]

  • Cloud Security Alliance Forum on Data Protection in the Cloud (Focus on Malaysia)

    I will be speaking on “Malaysia PDPA & Its Application to Cloud Computing” in this event on 13 October 2022. ​ This presentation will cover the salient points of the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Laws in the context of cloud services, including application to the Cloud. The registration & program links can be found here. Registration is free.

  • Franchise Talk

    Pauling Hee and I will be speaking about franchise laws in Malaysia. As some of you may be aware, franchises in Malaysia are governed by the Franchise Act 1998. This law restricts the sale and operation of franchises in Malaysia. In this talk, we will explore the uniqueness of Malaysian franchise practice. To register, please click […]

  • Practical Tips in Tracing a Person Online

    I will be speaking about the steps that can be taken to trace a person line. In this sessions, I will share some practical tips that I’ve taken to trace people online, particularly, for cases involving defamation and counterfeiting.

  • Screen recruits for informants programme, ex-IGP tells Putrajaya

    I was asked by FreeMalaysiaToday to comment on the Government programme called “Kita Demi Negara”, a national security programme which will recruit thousands of people to act as the home ministry’s “eyes and ears” on the ground. I said- Lawyer Foong Cheng Leong said false or incorrect reports would not only waste government resources but […]

  • PM’s Telegram account hacked

    I was asked by FreeMalaysiaToday to comment about the effect of the hacking of the Prime Minister’s Telegram account. I said- Commenting on the matter, lawyer Foong Cheng Leong said the biggest concern in such incidents was the spread of misinformation and the scale of damage it causes. “If someone uses the account to spread […]