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  • Netizens v the Government

    2012 saw the intensified battle between netizens and the authorities. The former desires protection of their right to freedom of expression and anonymity whereas the latter desires control and governance. Through this battle, the authorities introduced many new legislations to govern the use of internet. In July 2012, the Malaysian Government enforced s. 114A of […]

  • What lies ahead for social media

    Published in Putik Lada column, The Star on Friday February 3, 2012 It is going to be a tempestuous year with more developments in the social media scene, and a digital war may erupt between Internet users, companies and governments. MALAYSIA‚ÄôS social media sphere hit a milestone last year. Facebook users reached 12 million in […]

  • Handling social media disasters

    Published on 12 May 2011 in The Star Newspaper Social media can be a powerful tool to promote your goods or services, but the online world is unpredictable and no matter how good a brand is, there will be someone hating it. IT is now the norm for brand owners having social media network accounts […]

  • Blog postings can backfire

    First published on The Star Newspaper on 20 January 2011. PUTIK LADA By FOONG CHENG LEONG Social media influence has hit court proceedings, with lawyers trolling blogs and Wikipedia in search of material that can help them argue the case for their clients. LAST year brought further interesting development to social media and laws all […]

  • Personal data and the law

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 5 August 2010 As the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 will be in force any time soon, data users are advised to be familiar with, and to start adhering to, its principles. THE Personal Data Protection Act 2010 that is set to be enforced regulates the collection of personal […]

  • Minimising the risks in blogging

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 8 January 2009. BLOGGING has become the new way of life of Malaysians. It is without doubt a new form of media where a large number of the public refer to these days in addition to the mainstream media. With this comes responsibility. It is settled that bloggers are […]