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    With the rise of Android TV boxes in Malaysia, content developers as well as local film bodies are keen on shifting responsibility to users to curb piracy. Finas is taking it a step further by proposing a new paper that would hold homeowners accountable for pirated content that’s streamed on their property, regardless if they’re […]

  • BFM Podcast: Suing Illegal Downloaders

    I was interviewed by BFM Radio to talk about illegal downloading of music, songs etc by internet users on 13 April 2015. The makers of Dallas Buyers Club, the award winning movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, have been aggressively going after online pirates in the United States, Australia and now, Singapore. What set […]

  • Bread & Kaya: The law and the Sweet Young Malaysian Girls blog

    The law and the Sweet Young Malaysian Girls blog Nov 29, 2013 – Netizens are riled up over the blog that posted pictures of young Malaysian girls, many of them minors – Determining which laws could be applied against the blogger in question is however a challenge Bread & Kaya by Foong Cheng Leong I […]

  • Let’s Get hIP 2012

    I will be moderating this talk on recent substantive changes in the arena of Intellectual Property (“IP”) legislation and case law, which include “Safe Harbour” provisions, registration of works and its impact on protection and enforcement, expedited registration process, new mechanisms in enforcing a Trade Description Order (“TDO”), introduction/revisions to procedural steps in protection of […]

  • Symphony Light & Sounds Services Sdn Bhd & Anor v Irwan Shah Bin Abdullah @ D.J Dave & Ors

    Kuala Lumpur High Court Suit No.: S-22-1010-2007 The Plaintiffs initiated an action against Defendants for allegedly misappropriating their copyright by way of fraud and deception. The subject matters in dispute are proposals entitled “Malaysia’s 50 years an illuminating Journey”. The Plaintiffs alleged that the Defendants had secretly sent the subject matter to the Ministry of […]

  • Quick, throw your CDs away! There’s a roadblock!

    First published on LoyarBurok on 2 November 2010 For the past few months, an email has been circulating alleging that police and the enforcement division of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s (now the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives And Consumerism) have started operations to search and fine anyone who keeps pirated discs inside […]

  • Minimising the risks in blogging

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 8 January 2009. BLOGGING has become the new way of life of Malaysians. It is without doubt a new form of media where a large number of the public refer to these days in addition to the mainstream media. With this comes responsibility. It is settled that bloggers are […]