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  • Bread & Kaya: 2021 Cyberlaw cases in the recovery period

    By Foong Cheng Leong – Large increase of 40.6% in civil cyber cases between 2020 and 2021– Applying correct reasonable man test based on current development of society– Once a person clicks on a button agreeing to terms, such terms are binding– In a tiff over live streaming and streamers being poached by competitors– Leading […]

  • Curb data leaks with heavier penalties

    I was asked by The Star to comment on the leak of personal data of over 802,259 Malaysians allegedly siphoned from the MySPR Daftar website. The data is being sold on an online forum for US$2,000 (RM9,240), to be paid in bitcoin or monero cryptocurrency. The seller claimed that the Election Commission database includes selfies […]

  • Screen recruits for informants programme, ex-IGP tells Putrajaya

    I was asked by FreeMalaysiaToday to comment on the Government programme called “Kita Demi Negara”, a national security programme which will recruit thousands of people to act as the home ministry’s “eyes and ears” on the ground. I said- Lawyer Foong Cheng Leong said false or incorrect reports would not only waste government resources but […]

  • PM’s Telegram account hacked

    I was asked by FreeMalaysiaToday to comment about the effect of the hacking of the Prime Minister’s Telegram account. I said- Commenting on the matter, lawyer Foong Cheng Leong said the biggest concern in such incidents was the spread of misinformation and the scale of damage it causes. “If someone uses the account to spread […]

  • Power of online petitions: Working collectively to inspire change

    I was asked by The Star to comment on legal matters concerning online petitions. I said- Fact or fiction? However, it’s important to verify the validity of a petition before supporting it, as not all petitions are based on facts. Foong Cheng Leong, Bar Council Information Technology and Cyber Laws Committee [former] deputy chairman, urges […]


    Talks on music rights and royalties have been a prevalent and controversial topic especially between artists and record labels. How can musicians protect their craft and work and be more empowered on the subject? To get a basic understanding on the issue, we speak to Foong Cheng Leong, Co-chair of the Intellectual Property Committee of […]

  • Advisable for management bodies of high-rise residences to abide by act

    I was asked by The Star to comment on whether the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) binds management bodies of high-rises from disclosing details about residents who contracted Covid-19. I said- Bar Council Intellectual Property Committee co-chairperson Foong Cheng Leong said it was unclear if management bodies were involved in the processing of personal […]

  • Experts take dim view of Covid-19 ‘vaccine passport’ for Malaysians

    I was asked by The Malay Mail to comment on the privacy aspect of a “vaccination passport”, a document (whether electronic or not) showing that a person had been vaccinated. I said- According to privacy lawyer Foong Cheng Leong, there could be privacy concerns with such a passport, depending on what data is collected and […]


    This question follows the recent judgement by the courts to hold Malaysiakini responsible for comments made by readers on its online portal. Lawyer Foong Cheng Leong helps us figure out whether individuals could also be held legally accountable. Produced by: Kelvin YeePresented by: Sharmilla Ganesan, Lee Chwi Lynn Download: Peguam Negara Malaysia v Mkini Dotcom […]

  • Malaysia’s First Action against Unknown Persons on Cyberspace

    Every legal author’s dream is to have his or her writing quoted in a Court case. I am stoked that my book “Foong’s Malaysia Cyber, Electronic Evidence and Information Technology Law” was recently quoted by Justice Ong Chee Kwan in the High Court case of Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG Chemische Fabriken v […]