Month: December 2011

  • IT lawyers prefer self-regulation to gov’t body

    Malaysiakini, 12 Nov 2011: Two legal experts specialising in the information technology (IT) industry said that a self-regulating body to guide the industry was better than a federal government-led body as proposed in the draft Computing Professionals Bill 2011. In an article on the Loyar Burok website, lawyers Foong Cheng Leong and Joachim Leong wrote that […]

  • Computing Professionals Bill 2011 – Ambiguity, Arbitrariness and Uncertainty

    First published on LoyarBurok on 11 December 2011 There has been a public outcry on the Computing Professionals Bill. Some of the fears are unfounded while others, quite genuine. Foong Cheng Leong, an IT lawyer and Joachim Leong, a non-practicing lawyer cum Consultant for Denning IT dissect the Bill. In their views, the main concerns […]

  • Use of Technology Amongst Lawyers

    Slides for the talk can be downloaded below. [Download: Technology For Lawyers.pdf]

  • All Lawyers Should Have An iPad!

    Well, this article is not only about the iPad but about other tablets in the market in general. Other tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab or Blackberry Playbook are instructive examples, too, but that is not my focus here. For me, my iPad is probably one of the most useful tools in my practice. It […]