Month: April 2011

  • Suria KLCC Sdn. Bhd. v Makamewah Sdn. Bhd.

    First published on 10 December 2009 CIVIL SUIT NO K22-22 OF 2009-II (HC) Suria KLCC Sdn. Bhd. (“Suria KLCC”) has been the registered proprietor of the trade marks “Suria KLCC”, “Suria KLCC & Swirl device” and the “Swirl device” in Class 35 and 36 under the Trade Marks Act 1976. Suria KLCC is engaged, among […]

  • Income Tax (Deduction for Expenditure on Registration of Patent and Trade Mark) Rules 2009 [P.U. (A) 418/2009]

    First published on 18 January 2010 From the year of assessment of 2010 until the year of assessment of 2014, certain companies and enterprises are able to claim tax deduction for fees or payments made to register patents and/or to register trade marks under the Malaysian Patents Act 1983 and Malaysian Trade Marks Act 1976 […]

  • Lew Cher Phow @ Lew Cha Paw & Ors v Pua Yong Yong & Anor

    First published on 10 March 2010 (Johor Bahru High Court Suit No. MT4-22-510-2007) In this case, the Plaintiffs and the Defendants were neighbours. The High Court had dismissed an application by the Plaintiffs who applied for an order for interlocutory injunction to restrain the Defendants from installing any CCTV cameras at the Defendants’ house which […]

  • Giordano defeats Giordano

    Published on 14 September 2010 Walton International Limited v Yong Teng Hing B/S Hong Kong Trading Co & Anor (Civil Appeal No: W-02-685-2008) The appellant is the registered proprietor of “GIORDANO” trade mark and other related trade marks in Class 25 (for garments and wearing apparels; jeans, T-shirts, pouch, accessories, trousers, clothing, footwear and headgear […]

  • Personal data and the law

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 5 August 2010 As the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 will be in force any time soon, data users are advised to be familiar with, and to start adhering to, its principles. THE Personal Data Protection Act 2010 that is set to be enforced regulates the collection of personal […]

  • Tweet at your own risk

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 21 January 2010 The explosion in Internet-based social networking – fuelled by ease of DIY publishing – is throwing up new challenges, business and legal, to the online community. THE year 2009 marked an important year for social media networking. It brought change to politics, society and business. Many […]

  • Tweet below the law

    Featured in The Star Newspaper on 8 August 2010 Sunday August 8, 2010 Tweet below the law By JOSEPH LOH Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed people to easily let others know what is on their minds. But users should be careful with what they post because the laws of […]

  • Minimising the risks in blogging

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 8 January 2009. BLOGGING has become the new way of life of Malaysians. It is without doubt a new form of media where a large number of the public refer to these days in addition to the mainstream media. With this comes responsibility. It is settled that bloggers are […]

  • ChipsMore v Chipsplus: Now you see it, Now you don’t.

    Published on 30 July 2010 DANONE BISCUITS MANUFACTURING (M) SDN BHD v. HWA TAI INDUSTRIES BHD The Plaintiff carries out the manufacture, distribution and sale of, among others chocolate chip cookies bearing the trade mark ChipsMore. The ChipsMore cookies have been sold in Malaysia since 1990 and are also exported to other countries in the […]