List of Data User Forums in Malaysia

The Personal Data Protection Commissioner has appointed the following associations as data user forum for the following sectors:-

1. Institut Akauntan Malaysia for the accounting and audit sectors;
2. Persatuan Jualan Langsung Malaysia for the direct selling sector;
3. Persatuan Bank-bank Dalam Malaysia for the banking and financial sectors;
4. Institut Jurutera Malaysia for the engineering services sector;
5. Institut Insurans Hayat Malaysia for the insurance sector;
6. Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia for the architecture sector;
7. Maxis Berhad for the telecommunications sector;
8. Persatuan Hotel Malaysia for the travel and hospitality sector.
9. Majlis Peguam, Persatuan Undang-Undang Sabah and Persatuan Peguambela Sarawak for the legal sector.

Last updated: 1 April 2015

Source: Personal Data Protection Department Registration Unit.


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