Introducing Lexscout!

Lexscout is a new legal information service provider in Malaysia. It is a result of a joint venture between Burgielaw and I.

The main features of this search engine are the unreported judgment search and lawsuit search. 

The judgement search allows users to search more than 14,000 legal case judgments of the Malaysia Subordinate Courts up to the Federal Court. Many of these judgement are not reported by local law journals. To lessen research time, tags have been inserted to tell users the subject matter of the case without the need to open each search result. The database is powered by FCL&Co Case Law Search App.

The lawsuit search function is first of its kind in Malaysia. Users can now search if a person or company has been involved in a lawsuit in Malaysia. There is also an option to request for a file search to get more details about the case.

I have used Lexscout to conduct background checks on potential litigants, find precedents, and find materials for my Bread & Kaya articles.

One of the most interesting cases I found through Lexscout is the case of Universiti Utara Malaysia v Facebook Inc (Alor Setar High Court Originating Summons No. KA-24-1-01/2019). In this case, the parties had entered in a consent judgment whereby Facebook has to disclose basic subscriber information of certain Facebook users who allegedly have published defamatory statements. This case shows that pre-action discovery application against Facebook can be made in Malaysia instead of filing such application outside Malaysia. Such information would not have been revealed by local legal information service providers.

For a free trial account, please visit its registration page here.





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