LegalHack Series: How to use CLJ as your English – Malay dictionary

Other than Google Translate and Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka’s websites, can be used as a English – Malay dictionary. Although it already has a basic translation function but this has be further enhanced with a little trick I discovered.

Go to CLJLaw case search. In the Advance Search menu, enter the words that you wish to search in the “with the exact phase” column.

In the column “with all the words”, insert the word “translation”. The latter is the key to enable the translation function.

Click on “Search Headnotes Only” and then search.

Once you get the results, click on Headnote on the right side of the page. The results are located in the Headnote section.

You’ll find the searched words highlighted. In this case, “liberty to file afresh” is highlighted in paragraph (2).

Now scroll down to the translated section of the Headnote in particular paragraph (2) of the Malay version.

Viola! The Malay translation can be seen in para (2). I’ve highlighted the section for easy reference.

This method is faster than running to the library to grab a copy of the Kamus Istilah Undang-undang or even flipping through a dictionary. Also, the suggested translation do have some sort of authority since its from one of Malaysia’s reputable legal information service providers.

However, this little trick has its limitation. If the word does not appear in any of CLJ’s headnotes, you will not get the translation. However, based on my experience, most words, in particular legal jargon, are available






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    thanks for this info! 🙂

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      Nadzirah: welcome!

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