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  • Bread & Kaya: Attention e-commerce businesses: Fraud, the law and you

    My Bread & Kaya’s second column was published on Digital News Asia on 29 January 2013. Attention e-commerce businesses: Fraud, the law and you Jan 29, 2013 – A new law to protect users of online trading portals goes into effect July 1 – While it may cost them a bit, operators of such businesses […]

  • What lies ahead for social media

    Published in Putik Lada column, The Star on Friday February 3, 2012 It is going to be a tempestuous year with more developments in the social media scene, and a digital war may erupt between Internet users, companies and governments. MALAYSIA’S social media sphere hit a milestone last year. Facebook users reached 12 million in […]

  • Tweet at your own risk

    Published in The Star Newspaper on 21 January 2010 The explosion in Internet-based social networking – fuelled by ease of DIY publishing – is throwing up new challenges, business and legal, to the online community. THE year 2009 marked an important year for social media networking. It brought change to politics, society and business. Many […]