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  • Top 5 Steps To Protecting Your Music

    By Cheng Leong Foong, Rachel Fung13 March, 2019 As the Internet continues to transform the landscape of the music industry, its players have to navigate and find their place in it. While the age of the Internet has brought new and exciting ways for musicians to reach wider audiences for example through music streaming or…

  • Registration of Copyright

    The Malaysian Copyright (Voluntary Notification) Regulations 2012 which provides for voluntarily notification of copyright is effective 1 June 2012. [Download: Copyright (Voluntary Notification) Regulations 2012]

  • Registration of Copyright in Malaysia

    The new Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012 provides for the voluntary notification of copyright. S. 26A of the Act states that a notification of copyright in any work may be made to the Controller by or on behalf of the author of the work, the owner of the copyright in the work, an assignee of the…