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  • Enforceability of Hyperlinked Electronic Contracts in Malaysia

    I am happy to share this article I co-authored with my former internsĀ Mira Marie WongĀ andĀ Nur Faiqah Nadhra Mohamad Faithal. This article was initially published as one of my Bread & Kaya articles onĀ Digital News Asia. I have updated it for it to be published by Thomson Reuters in their The Law Review 2021.

  • Bread & Kaya: Practical tips to ensure your electronic contracts are enforceable

    By Foong Cheng Leong and Mira Marie Wong and Nur Faiqah Nadhra – Court decisions on thorny issues of hyperlinked agreementsā€™ enforceability– Heavy price to pay for not reading online terms of any commercial agreement– 8 practical tips to ensure that your electronic contracts are enforceable– Tracking mechanism to track if counterparty accessed terms and…