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  • Bread & Kaya: 2021 Cyberlaw cases in the recovery period

    By Foong Cheng Leong – Large increase of 40.6% in civil cyber cases between 2020 and 2021– Applying correct reasonable man test based on current development of society– Once a person clicks on a button agreeing to terms, such terms are binding– In a tiff over live streaming and streamers being poached by competitors– Leading […]

  • Tech Talk Friday with Foong Cheng Leong and Arief Imran

    I spoke to Karamjit Singh of Digital News Asia and Nigesh Armon of Leadernomics about the cyberlaw cases of 2020 and how Covid19 has impacted legal practice. Also featured was Arief Imran who spoke about his company, SERV, a player in the digital mobility-related technologies.

  • Bread & Kaya : 2020 Cyberlaw Cases: Cyberlaw in the Covid-19 Era

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic, various aspects of our lives have been drastically changed to establish the new normal. The lockdown caused by the pandemic effectively closed our Courts for many months. Physical attendances were not allowed. Nevertheless, the Judiciary remained committed to ensuring the public’s access to justice. During the early days of the lockdown, […]

  • Bread & Kaya: Dear Attorney General Tommy Thomas, we need to speak about our Malaysia cyberlaw and IT laws reforms

    By Foong Cheng Leong | Jun 22, 2018 – Act is clearly against the very fundamental principal of “innocent until proven guilty” – Need law to curb creation of fake news, especially if created to stoke racial or religious sentiments Repeal of 114A of Evidence Act 1950 WHEN s. 114A was introduced in the Parliament […]

  • Bread & Kaya: 2017 Cyberlaw Cases Pt2 – viral content, Uber and appearance of an emoji

    By Foong Cheng Leong Mar 29, 2018 – A video clip that was viewed 3 million times deemed to be the truth of an incident – Groupon has its day in court, twice with users not happy with merchants CARRYING off from where I left off in part one of my review of the interesting […]

  • Bread & Kaya: Are WhatsApp admins going to jail?

    Bread & Kaya: Are WhatsApp admins going to jail? By Foong Cheng Leong | May 02, 2017 – Two key elements in s. 233 are not fulfilled by a group chat admin – To use s. 114A to attach liability on a group chat admin is stretching s. it too far I REFER to the […]

  • Bread & Kaya: Cyberbullying, stalking and sexual harassment

    Bread & Kaya: Cyberbullying, stalking and sexual harassment By Foong Cheng Leong | Jun 28, 2016 – Current laws narrowly and vaguely defines harassment – It is high time Malaysia legislates against it In Mohd Ridzwan bin Abdul Razak v Asmah Binti HJ. Mohd Nor (Kuala Lumpur Civil Suit No. 23NCVC-102-12/2011), the Defendant alleged that […]

  • Bread & Kaya: How the ‘new’ Sedition Act affects netizens

    Bread & Kaya: How the ‘new’ Sedition Act affects netizens By Foong Cheng Leong Apr 08, 2015 – As with Section 114A, website hosts and FB page owners can be held liable – Particularly thorny are comments left by others on your portal BY the time you read this article, the Sedition (Amendment) Bill 2015 […]

  • Bread & Kaya: Tracing someone online

    Bread & Kaya: Tracing someone online Nov 17, 2014 – Getting the IP address is one way, but may not always be possible – On issue of defamation, Section 114A has been applied retrospectively ONE of the most difficult issues to deal with in cybercrime or cyber-bullying cases is finding the perpetrator online. My years […]

  • Bread & Kaya: Liking a Facebook page and the law

    Bread & Kaya: Liking a Facebook page and the law Foong Cheng Leong Aug 14, 2014 – ‘Liking’ a page doesn’t necessary mean you agree with it – Using Sedition Act for what you ‘Like’ sets dangerous precedent THE recent report that Malaysian police are investigating a Penang teenager under the Sedition Act 1948 for […]