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Search report and unreported High Court, Court of Appeal & Federal Court cases

Notice: In view of the Court’s recent revamp of their website, many of their judgments are no longer available. However, you can still search them at the FCL&Co Unreported Case Law Search App. Link is below – 22 January 2018

The search box below will provide search results from the Malaysian Court’s (excluding Sabah & Sarawak) website.

For example, if you would like to search for cases regarding trade marks, insert the words “trade marks” in the textbox below and click on the “Search” button. The search will yield all indexed pages with the words “trade marks”.

The search is powered by Google Custom Search API. The Google Custom Search API currently limits searches to 100 results per query, and 100 free queries per day.

To refine your searches, please read the advance search operator for details.

For more cases, you may download the FCL&Co Case Law Search App – an app to search for Malaysian Cases at

16 Responses to Foong Cheng Leong & Co – Reported & Unreported Case Law Searches
  1. Foong Kuan Ming Reply

    Really commendable on your sacrifice of time effort and dedication to set the database. Good work. Regards

    • FCL Reply

      Kuan Ming: Thank you!

  2. Alex Yeo Reply

    Dear Mr Foong,

    Hat off to you for setting up the google search engine which is both beneficial and costs saving to small practitioner like me in Kuching.


    • FCL Reply

      Alex Yeo: Thank you!

  3. Ann Chuah Reply

    Dear Mr. Foong,

    Thank you very much for your willingness to share your knowledge with us.

    Kind regards,
    Ann Chuah

    • FCL Reply

      Ann Chuah: Most welcome!

  4. Geetha Kandiah Reply

    Awesome contribution to the IP Industry Foong! We bought your Compendium of TM cases as well and am now awaiting the Patent, Copyright and Design ones =)
    Keep up the fantastic job!

    • FCL Reply

      Geetha: Many thanks!

  5. Nisa Hamid Reply

    Great! Really help in my works. Thank you :)) May God bless your contribution

    • FCL Reply

      Nisa: Most welcome! An App to do case law searches for free will be coming up soon!

  6. Celina Griffith Reply

    I am looking for the case of Choo Ah Kiat v Ang Kim Hock [1983] 2 MLJ 94 for one of our judges. Can anyone provide a copy?

    Librarian 111
    Court Library Services Unit
    Trinidad and Tobago

  7. Lionel Reply

    Thank you for creating this search function. I am researching on the developments of Statutory Adjudication in Malaysia and it has been really difficult to locate the first two COA decisions on the my website.

    This web search has made it so much easier. Much gratitude!

  8. Celina Griffith Reply

    Good morning,

    I am looking for the cases of :

    1.Mohammed Najari bin Ab Majit v Tan Keo Hock [1999] 1 CLJ 601 and

    2.Jaafar bin Shaari v Tan Lip Eng [1997] 4 CLJ 509; [1997] 3 MLJ 693.

  9. hafiz Reply

    Hi, thanks for the search on the cases made easier for me. by the way, i think you should updated the search since the kehakiman has new website and i fail to search a case law.

    anyway thanks for your effort

    • FCL Reply

      hafiz: The Court has just removed all the High Court judgments but they have re-uploaded some on They have also re-uploaded all the Court of Appeal and Federal Court judgments. You can still access the High Court judgment at my App at

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