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  1. Tan Hui Onn Reply

    I have read your slides for “Use of Technology amongst Lawyers”. There is no mention of any integrated legal software. What is the current state of IT in legal firms (especially small legal firms)?

    We are a startup in developing a SaaS/cloud-base case management system for small law firms in Malaysia. We plan to have features: case & document management, collaborative task management, scanning, calendar & scheduling and simple document automation/assembly.

    In your opinion, how many percent of small law firms in Malaysia will be open to this kind of services (with monthly subscription fee of RM50 per user)?

    • FCL Reply


      Yes, there is no mention of any integrated legal software as this is only relating to free software. I’m not sure whether any small firms will sign up but for RM50 a month, I’ll consider since it’s quite low.

  2. Boon Cheng Lau Reply

    Hi Hui Onn,

    Would like to know more about the progress of your cloud-base management system. As the legal technology industry has a paradigm shift to Asia, perhaps your innovation can be widely accepted though.

    Kindly contact me at 016 7737609

    Thank you.

    • Tan Hui Onn Reply

      Hi Cheng Lau,
      Thanks for your kind words. The development is in progress. I have been doing it full time since last year. I estimate the beta will be available in this June.

      Thanks and best regards,
      Tan Hui Onn

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